Adeline Hebert

Born in New Orleans, LA, I'm a cajun girl at heart, but man will that Texas pride get ya. Moving all around while growing up, my family finally settled in Houston, TX, where I spent my teenage years. I then made my way to the University of Arkansas where I earned my degree in Business Marketing. Woo Pig Baby!

Right out of college, I made my way to Dallas, TX, where I knew I wanted to pursue a career in sales which landed me at a local insurance brokerage. After learning a lot but ultimately realizing that wasn't where my passion lay, I found my way to Pursuit and fell in love with everything about it. The people and the atmosphere are truly unmatched.

After hours you can find me by the nearest pool, at the movie theater with a coke icee in hand, possibly rolling strikes at the bowling alley, or cuddled up with my huge Great Pyrenees fur baby, Beaux!

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