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how to find
an a-player

What Mike preaches and what we know firsthand is that top performers are typically crushing it in the role they're currently in and not actively applying to your role. A-Players don't make lateral moves. So how do you find an A-Player to hire for your team?

To find the top talent you want on your team, you need a clear hiring strategy that includes:
1. Job Profile for your A-Player
2. The Search
3. A-Player Interview Process

Hire Talent

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Pursuit process

We look for long-term partners as opposed to one-off hires. We consult with you to learn how to hire for your specific needs. Along the way, we create and perfect a repeatable and scalable process so we can turn your first hire into the next 30 hires.

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kick-off call

customized search and vet

the sell

interview process

the offer

calibrate and scale

We start with a one-on-one kickoff call. Your dedicated Account Manager will go over job details, company culture, soft skills, and selling points to determine exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team of recruiters begins a customized search that only targets candidates who fit your needs. We vet these candidates by piecing together their stories, digging into their sales processes, and asking them tough questions.

The very best sales reps aren’t typically looking to make a move and need to be sold on your opportunity. Once we understand their why, we take the time to sell them on the role.

Once they’re sold, we submit elite talent to the top of your hiring funnel. We walk candidates through your interview process while making sure they remain engaged.

You’ve partnered with us to hire top-tier sales talent, and we’ve delivered. Choose the best of the best and offer them your position.

By this point, we’ve fine-tuned the ideal candidate profile and recruitment process for your company. We can now quickly repeat this success to seamlessly scale your sales team.

hire the best

Start scaling your sales and marketing teams with elite talent today.

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