VP of Recruitment

Meredith Smith

Born and raised in Louisiana, I love that I get to claim Shreveport as my hometown and that my years of growing up were centered around faith, family and working hard. Upon deciding where to land for college I guess you could say “Texas was on my mind” and I attended Baylor University (sic’em) where I majored in Outdoor Recreation.

Taking a sharp turn from recreation and after a few convincing interviews, I landed a couple of roles in sales and recruiting in multiple industries across the state of Texas. This is where I learned that my niche is people, and my heart is to serve others but make it commission heavy, a startup and leave the pencil skirts and heels at home. Fast forward almost eight years and it has been the most rewarding opportunity being in the foxhole serving as VP of Recruiting and walking through life’s challenges as a team committed to relentlessly pursuing excellence. I am forever grateful for the team of people that are committed to each other and being better everyday.

Outside of pursuit you will find me enjoying the simplicities of the suburbs with my husband and our three dogs. We love the outdoors and getting to experience new adventures any time we can; I guess you could say I am finally putting my degree to good use. A quote that has been on my signature since day one at Pursuit is by Bob Goff and it reads… “Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later.

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