Olivia Greer

I was born and raised in Plano, Texas! I spent 4 1/2 amazing years at Texas A&M University (GIG ‘EM!!). I majored in agribusiness (this was a business degree, I truly know nothing about agriculture) and minored in leadership.

People are my passion! I grew up working in hospitality and studied management, which is all about leading and caring for people well! While applying for a management internship in college, the recruiter told me that my upbeat personality and drive were incredibly well-suited for recruiting. I didn’t even know this was a career path! I fell in love with the relationship-building, the competitive aspect, and the purposeful impact I was able to have on both the candidate’s future and the business growth! Pursuit allows all of us to boldly exude these elements of recruiting that I love so much and more!

Life is short and I want to live it to the fullest! Outside of the office, you can ALWAYS find me with friends and family either at church, a country dance hall, or a concert (I’ve been to 65 concerts and counting)!

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