Brooke Jacques

I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas where I had lived my whole life, up until I transferred to Texas A&M after attending Abilene Christian University for my freshman year of college (GIG ‘EM!!). After 3 years amazing years at A&M, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and made the move to Houston where I worked in Recruiting for the majority of my 2 years there.  

My family and friendships are super important to me, which was one of the biggest reasons I decided to make a move to Dallas from Houston to be back closer to home. I come from a very large family (70+ relatives) so the concept of “others first” has been embedded in me for as long as I can remember, so I’m very excited to be with a company like Pursuit where that is one of our company’s core values, and I see first-hand how everyone here prioritizes their relationships with anyone we come across!

Outside of work, you can usually find me with friends, family, watching too much reality TV, or exploring Dallas in general!

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