Grace Kosley

Born and raised in the great flatlands of Houston, TX (specifically Cypress but nothing special about that detail) however, lots of my time has been spent in the beautiful state of Colorado where most of my family lives! Mountains in my blood stream, but a Texas girl at heart. When the time came for college, I made my way to Waco, TX and found myself at the best school in Texas, Baylor University. There I majored in Communications and even deepened my love for talking, haha. During my time at Baylor, I further progressed my caffeine addiction by working at a local coffee shop for 2 and a half years and loved every dang second of it. SIC THEM BEARS FOREVER BABY.

Following graduation in May of 2022, I hit the road to Dallas, TX where I began my career in sales at Goosehead Insurance. I immediately discovered my passion for sales and further instilled my love for people. While working in Insurance allowed for me to find my calling in sales, I soon discovered that my desires were in another space away from the world of claims and policies. Then along came Pursuit, the opportunity that the Lord so kindly provided. It as it has revealed to me the culture and upmost respect I have been praying to find for so long. Truly such a blessing!

When not at work tapping on my keyboard, you can still find me wherever there are people! I love being outside and anywhere where there's some friendly competition, whether that be a spike ball net or a pickle-ball court. My friends and family are the sun to me and the people who always put a smile on my face! No complaints here and life is good!

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