VP of Sales

David Hill

I’m from a small town in the Florida Panhandle called Niceville (yes, that’s a real place and yes, it’s nice there). I graduated from The University of Arkansas (Woo Pig) where I studied business and met my amazing wife, Alex. She is way out of my league, so either I peaked in college, or I’m just naturally gifted at closing deals. Oh, and she’s also giving birth to our firstborn (girl) in early 2023. When I’m not at the office, you will find me either at my CrossFit gym, on a golf course, in a deer stand, or on a bass boat – which I realize are the world’s most basic hobbies. Most importantly, I am a devoted follower of Jesus and I believe that my purpose in life is to love God and others the same way Jesus did during His time on this earth.

I have been with Pursuit since 2016, which I guess would make me an “OG” of sorts. I now have the pleasure of serving our team as the VP of Sales.I love Pursuit mostly because I love the people who work for Pursuit. Our culture is truly unique in that we challenge each other daily to raise the bar higher by relentlessly pursuing excellence in literally everything we do. Our Core Values are not just empty words plastered on the wall; they are deeply ingrained into the DNA of every person at Pursuit and it’s why I get so much satisfaction from my job.

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